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Used Cars for Sale in Marietta, GA


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Used Cars for Sale in Marietta

For some, when they think of a used vehicle, they think of an old clunker vehicle with rusted rims, chipped paint, and a dirty interior. However, this couldn't be anything further from the truth, and we'd like to show you with our used cars for sale in Marietta. Our vehicles come packed with mounds of the newest technology, infinite value, reliability, and more bang for your buck.

While there are always lemons out there, the experts at our used dealership in Marietta spend countless hours researching and choosing the best of the best in used vehicles. Simply put, our goal is to offer new car value at used car prices.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars

One of the top benefits of purchasing a used vehicle is the price because new vehicles can cost significantly more. Unless you choose to lease a vehicle, the initial costs associated with purchasing a new vehicle will be more as well. In most instances, banks and other financial institutions require at least a 10% down payment on new car loans. If you chose to put less money down on a new car purchase, the monthly payment will be higher. On the other hand, used vehicles are priced significantly lower and offer warranties similar to those offered on new vehicles. In addition, used vehicles will typically have less taxes and processing fees than a new vehicle.

When you choose to purchase a used vehicle, you have the opportunity to purchase from a much wider range of vehicles. You can choose the features you desire, color, as well as make and model. For instance, if you do not like the new body style of the Camry, you can always choose an older model that better suits your style. Best of all, this freedom of choice comes at a significant savings.

As soon as you drive your new vehicle off lot, it will immediately depreciate. Most new vehicles will suffer a loss of value of at least 30% within the first two years of owning the vehicle. When you purchase a used vehicle, you can avoid this drastic depreciation because the previous owner has already absorbed it.

In most cases, your insurance rates are affected by the age of the vehicle. However, insuring a used car will almost always be less expensive than insuring a brand new vehicle. This price variance can be mainly attributed to the lower cost of repairs for a used vehicle in comparison to a brand new vehicle.

Quality Used Cars

While some automotive dealerships shove anything out on the lot, all our used cars for sale in Marietta undergo a rigorous inspection process. In addition to the mechanical and electrical components, the vehicle must pass several structural and cosmetic inspections to ensure safety and reliability. Simply put, we take an infinite level of pride in our goal of helping you find reliable and dependable transportation.

Whether you are looking for a Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima, to an Infiniti G37 or BMW 3 Series, check with our automotive experts in Marietta for a hassle-free car buying experience. Contact us today or visit the dealership to test drive your next vehicle.

US Auto Sales Marietta
1925 Cobb Pkwy S
Marietta, GA 30060